As a professional software engineer, I am often mildly embarrassed by the things I’ve forgotten, struggled with, or never learned at all. The least I can do is be honest about my limitations, try to overcome them, and share what I learn in the process.

I have a few categories that I use regularly on this website. Sometimes they overlap, but that’s life.

Exercises are coding challenges that I have at least partially completed or developed. I try to avoid spoilers while writing about what I’ve learned.

Puzzles are problems I’ve thought up, mulled over, or adapted. I conduct lots of phone screens at work, so some of these questions are at that level.

Tips are clever tricks I have come across while trying to solve problems.

This website is named after compline, the final hour before sleep in the system of canonical hours, which is when I do my recreational programming. I was inspired by Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose, which I recommend.